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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

I was sitting here wondering what I can say about this past year as it comes to a close in a little more that 12 hours! I am not a person to make a New Years Resolution, because I'm not a fan of broken promises, even when they are made to my self.  I would rather like to reflect on the past year as I'm saying goodbye to it and welcoming in the new!

In this past year, I have been able to find old friends and family I have missed terribly.  I have been able to see and maintain my current friendships as well as make some new friends.  This is a very happy thing for me.  I am a social butterfly!  I thrive best when surrounded by my friends and family.  I have had many opportunities to visit and see many of those and those who I cant, I have been able to visit in some form or another via Facebook.

Ah, Facebook.  Some see it as a bad thing, but I think its fantastic!  I can talk to people who I may otherwise wouldn't have been able to talk to, or even find for that matter.  I have made new friends who I haven't even met face to face, but hopefully will some day.  Most currently, I have been able to maintain contact with family that I didn't know where to find them without Facebook!

In this last year, I have also been able to narrow down some pretty important near-future goals which over this New Year, I will be posting about!  I am pretty excited for things to start rolling forward!

In this last year, I was able to go on my first Vacation in many years!  I got to go to Cayo Coco, Cuba with my sister-in-law Christine.  We had so much fun and we made many new friends!  We stayed at an awesome resort and came feeling great!

Although most of this last year was great we had some sad times too.  I said goodbye to my cousin Deborah on February 4th.  She had a lengthy battle with various illnesses before she succumbed to cancer at a young age.  I miss her alot.  She was a good friend to me.

2012 is going to bring about many changes for me.  I will be relocating at some point to the Kitchener area.  I have a great mixture of new, newish and old friends who live there!  Its a really nice city and the job prospects look way better than this tiny town!  I will keep you posted as to when things start moving!!  I cant wait!

Im going to end this by quoting the traditional New Years song written by Robert Burns:

Auld Lang Syne

And for auld lang syne, my jo, 
For auld lang syne, 
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet, 
For auld lang syne, 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And never brought to mind? 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And days o' auld lang syne. 
And surely ye'll be your pint-stowp! 
And surely I'll be mine! 
And we'll tak a cup o' kindness yet, 
For auld lang syne. 
We twa hae run about the braes 
And pu'd the gowans fine; 
But we've wander'd mony a weary foot 
Sin auld lang syne. 
We twa hae paidl'd i' the burn, 
Frae mornin' sun till dine; 
But seas between us braid hae roar'd 
Sin auld lang syne. 
And there's a hand, my trusty fiere! 
And gie's a hand o' thine! 
And we'll tak a right guid willy waught, 
For auld lang syne. 

Take a minute to actually think about what these words mean.  You will find that his opening question in verse one is a rhetorical  question!  I did some research as to what the meaning of this song is.  You can find some information at the following links:  World Burns Club and The Wall Street Journal.

Friday, 30 December 2011

"Your Foot Is Stuck To The Ground!"

I think some of the most fun times in life are when you meet that random stranger who knows how to make a person laugh!  While shopping in Walmart today with my mother, there was an older gentleman who liked to do just that.  He was walking up to complete strangers and saying, "Hey, how are you? Your foot is stuck to the ground!"  It made you stop and think about what he said, which I thought was pretty funny!  After making you laugh and smile, he said, "Have a Happy New Year!"  My mom and I both laughed and wished him the same!

I kept watching him in the produce department and he did it to about 4 other people. Everyone got a chuckle out of it except his wife!  After I watched him do the final person in that area before moving on, she did what I'd expect most wives of a jokester would do, she smacked his arm!  I don't think she was mad at him, just probably a wee bit embarrassed.

What the wife doesn't realize is, is how he brightened alot of people's days!  After all the hustle and bustle of the "Spend Spend Spend" theme that always happens at Christmas time, it sure is nice to find someone who just wants to make you laugh!

Monday, 26 December 2011

New Picture!!

It took about a million trials to get the winner for this year, but my darling son was patient!  Here it is!!

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!!

This is from Christmas 2010
Its finally here!  After all the hustle and bustle of preparations, its finally here!  Tonight we are going to open presents and stockings here so that tomorrow isn't rushed at all.  Not our usual tradition, but not unwelcome either.  Since there are no more little kiddies living here, and no one is especially excited to be up at the crack of dawn anymore, it makes perfect sense!  Plus ,I get so excited about the giving part, that it takes a lot of energy to last one more night!  I have always been like that.  I love to buy people gifts. I love to take the time to pick out just that right something especially for them.  To me, its just as exciting (if not more) than the getting part, but don't misunderstand that, I still like to get them too!

This is my last Christmas as a mother of a child.  Next year, my son will be 18.  An adult.  YIKES!  He will no longer be in high school.  He will be old enough to vote.  A college student.  I will be celebrating next Christmas with my adult son.  WOW!  That's enough thought to make a person feel old!  

The above picture is of last year's Christmas.  I'm hoping that tonight, or even tomorrow, we will be able to get another picture to commemorate this year!  I love that picture.  I have it framed beside my computer desk.  I have it as my profile picture most of the time on Facebook too!  However, since this is his last Christmas as a child, I want a new one to make that!  So, sometime tomorrow, I will post that new picture here and on Facebook for everyone to see!  Yesterday he got his hair cut.  It was really long so I asked him to give me a new haircut for a Christmas present.  I happen to think he looks fantastic with his new do!  I cant wait to show you all!  

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve everyone!  I know I will :)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

It Just Occurred to Me....

I got up this morning early enough to actually prepare a nice hot breakfast for my son before he went out the door for school.  I think he was happy to have it because I actually got an appreciative kiss on the cheek, which is a rare thing from a 17 year old in a hurry to meet up with his girlfriend before classes.  After he left, I had to get ready to leave for a couple of appointments.

When I got ready, I had my usual shower using my favorite Florida Orange body wash.  I washed and conditioned my hair with my new Fruity smelling Aussie products, and dried myself off and put in my Citrus smelling, Sunsilk spray mousse.  I went to my bedroom to get dressed and as I was dressing, I put on my Fruity smelling Ban antiperspirant.  When I finished getting dressed, I gave a quick spray of my Black XS by Paco Rabanne perfume which happens to smell a bit like Cotton Candy.  

When I went back into the bathroom to do a final check of my hair, it occurred to me that I with all the products I used today, I smell very much like a Fruit Salad!  Just sayin...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another Mom Funny To Share!

Sometimes, the things my mother does are just downright too cute funny not to share!

Last night, I was on my computer and my mom comes down and tells me that she can't get the printer to work.  So I go upstairs to investigate.  Since she has a fast laptop and my dad's computer is a dinosaur, a couple of months back we took all of the printer software off his computer because his hard drive is so small in comparison and installed it on her laptop instead.  So, she plugs the USB from the printer in her laptop and can't figure out why nothing will print for her.  Here comes the funny!  For whatever reason, she was using my dad's computer and not her own.  She got something online and needed to print off the receipt for it.  So, needing to plug the printer a computer to make it work and knowing we took the software off my dad's computer she plugs it into the laptop, which she was not using.  I politely explained to her that she cannot print from her laptop if she wasn't using her lap top to begin with (and it wasn't something that could be transferred from the computer to her laptop via a memory stick anyhow.)  All of a sudden the lights went on in her head and she realized the error of her thought process.  We both broke out in a fit of laughter and she says while laughing, "I guess you have something to blog about!"  We laughed even harder but I told her I wouldn't if she didn't want me to, but to my relief she said, "Go ahead!, I don't care. Its funny!"

Monday, 19 December 2011

This is kind of sort of Part 7 of Tina's Travelling Tales!

This is the two snowmen she made me!
When I got home from my trip, I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me!  My cutie patootie niece Brooke sent me something in the mail!  I tooks some pictures to show everyone!  Here they are!

Close up of Snowman #1

I put some magnets on the back of them so I could put them on the fridge.  I love them!  She did a great job!
Close up of Snowman #2

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 6 The Ending.

I ended up sleeping through the night but I set an alarm to get up at 8 am because I needed to get to North Bay early enough to go to the bank and get a new bank card before returning my rental car.  When I got up Bill was in the kitchen having a coffee so I went and had a coffee with him.  He made us some oatmeal for breakfast while we chitchatted.  I was really hungry because I hadn't had much to eat at all the day before because I was sick, so I was glad to have it!  I woke up feeling much better and my fever went away.  I was also extremely excited because after I returned the car and met up with my folks, I was going to meet with my cousin Marshall! I haven't seen Marshall in 12ish years, since my grandmother passed away.
My reason for choosing Sundridge to spend the night is that it wasn't a very far drive to return the car Monday Morning.  I left the Watson's house around 9:30 and headed to North Bay.  I found the bank and went in to get a new bank card to replace the one I lost the day before.  It didn't take very long for the teller to get me up and running with the card.  So with a feeling of relief I went to the bank machine and checked my balance to make sure nothing was missing.  Everything was still there, phew!  Another Crisis diverted. Or so I thought.  

When I left the bank, I went to the gas station to top up the gas tank.  To my surprise, it only took $8.61 cents to fill it up!  Great mileage since I filled it up below Huntsville the night before!  I went inside with my brand new bank card to pay for my gas.  TRANSACTION DECLINED!  How can this be?  I just was at the bank.  Once again I was glad I had some cash on me! What was I going to do since I had 15 minutes to return and pay for the rental!  So I called my mother and told her and they told me just to meet them at the car rental place and just finish the transaction on their credit card and we had some time to go back down to the bank before meeting with Marshall.  So I did.  Our Chris Farley look-alike was there from the other day to complete the transaction.  My overall experience with Enterprise was excellent.  I have rented from them before and have not been disappointed!  

We went back over to the bank and I went in to talk to them to find out why I couldn't use it for purchases but I could still see the balance.  They told me that it takes 24 hours for the card to activate (Not true, according to my branch).  What happened was, I went to the bank earlier than the lost report went through so when I activated my new card, they put the hold on the new one instead of the old one.  Ya. I totally get what you are thinking.  DUH.  Oh well, I got that problem rectified at my branch all together since and paid my dad right away so there wouldn't be any interest on the credit card.

So, back to Marshall.  After we left the bank, we went over to our favourite breakfast spot (Burger World)to meet him. It was almost 11:30 am. We got there first so my mom and I got a table while my dad was outside tending to Snoopy (their dog) who came along for the ride.  My dad and Marshall found each other in the parking lot and walked in together.  As soon as I saw him, I realized how much I missed having him in my life!  He looks great! We had a great time together enjoying a meal before we went to his home for more visit time.  I was so glad we didn't have to cut it short after eating.  We visited with him and met his pets. After a while, his roommates came home. Marshall wanted us to see this store that sells some used renovation stuff since him and my dad were talking reno's so he hopped in the van with us to go there!  I was glad because it extended our visit even longer!  When we were done there, we brought him back home and sadly had to leave since it was a bit more than 2 more hours for us to get home.  Now that we know where each other are, we have plans to get together often!  He's my cousin and when we were kids, his sister Wendy and Marshall and I were all very close.  We are planning a trip to go and visit with his sister. She lives over in Kemptville so thats a wee bit of a road trip!  I am looking forward to spending more time with him in the near future!  Its been way too long!

We made it home at about 6:30pm on Monday night after a few stops to some grocery stores on our way.  After an adventurous 6 days, it sure felt good to relax!  However,  Im already ready to get going on another trip soon!!  

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 5!

So to continue on with my story, after I cleaned myself up, apologized and got on my way, still feeling funky.

I hopped back on the car and continued on my way, but even though I felt like dung, on a whim, I decided that I needed to stop and check out Vaughn Mills Mall.  I convinced myself that I needed to get out and walk around for a while and I could not possible just drive by some stores I
never get to go to without stopping.  I found a parking spot outside my
area of focus, which was Old Navy.  I made my way into the store and started to look through some incredible deals.  A wave of unease rippled through my stomach so I found the washroom.  It was while I was sitting there upon the throne at Old Navy, I thought to myself, "Why am I in a mall?  Im not fond of shopping when I am well, why am I bothering when I feel like this?"  I quickly answered myself, "Because I never get into this store."  Well ya, that make sense.  Acquiring  flu like symptoms = Time to go to Old Navy.  Not the greatest decision I've made, but I guess I was on a roll that day anyhow.  So after a minute or two of self deliberations, I finished up and left the store and the mall.

I got back on the 400 and drove on.  When I got as far as Orillia, I needed to have a break.  I needed to get some Pepto-Bismol and a drink, so I pull off the hi way and go into Walmart.  I find the Pepto and grab a cold Canada Dry ginger ale from the fridge at by the checkouts and proceed to pay.  I open my wallet, and to my dismay (yes, I used the word dismay!) I discovered my bank card was missing.  This cannot be happening.  I tear my wallet apart while the lady in the line behind me sighs (people can be so impatient) and fidgets with her purchases.  I turned to the cashier who was waiting patiently, and asked her if she could hold on to my items while I go sit on the bench and root through my purse.  So, I go over to the bench and start pulling everything out of my purse piece by piece.  Its not there. I go through my wallet again.  Not there.  I go outside to the car, look through the car.  Not tthere.  I open the trunk, root through my clothes from earlier. Not there.  I tear through my suicase, back pack and Christmas goodies from the party.  Not there.  I still cannot remember where I used it last and I am pretty close to tears. I have clearly lost my bank card.  Thank goodness I had enough sense to carry some cash on me.  With the help of Cheryl via text messaging and her internet access through her Blackberry, I was able to call my bank to report my card missing.  All in all, I was at Walmart for over an hour.  Back through the line I went to see the if the cashier still had my items.  She did, and with the relief that I didn't have to go searching for more stuff again, I paid.

I went back to the car, opened up the Pepto and without bothering to measure I drank it straight from the bottle.  It actually helped almost instantly but at this point I have now discovered I now have a new symptom of the flu.  My face is on fire along with the rest of me, except that I am freezing.  I crank my heat and with chattering I get back on the hi way and proceed north.  I stopped one more time for some gas just below Huntsville before arriving in Sundridge.  I was staying the night at Bill and Elisa Watson's house but they both weren't home.  A few of their kid were and they let me into the house.  I brought in my stuff I needed for the night and called my mom to let her know I had arrived.  I also called Christa to too how her girls were feeling and to let her know I was also not feeling well.  I had a quick bite to eat and by 8:45 pm, I was in bed. I took a couple of Advil and dropped off to sleep quickly.  When I woke up at 8:00am the next morning, I was feeling much, much better.

I have one more day to tell you about, but that will be Part 6!  

Friday, 16 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 5 will be written tomorrow.

I know I promised a few peeps I write it today, but I'm kind of not into it today! Im having a lazy kind of day.

I will be back tomorrow for Part 5.  I promise!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 4

Welcome to Part 4!

So, after my visit with Shannon (and family) I went to back to Ruth's house to spend some time with her family and to wait for her to get home from work.  I need to mention that on the way over to Shannon's I discovered that the gas light in my rental was on, so on my way back to Ruth's I stopped for gas.  When Ruth got home we watched some movies and chitchatted.  It was a nice relaxing evening.  Pete was out at his work Christmas party for a bit of the time but joined us later on.  During the evening, I got a text message from my friend Christa ( I was supposed to stay at her house on Sunday night) telling me that both her girls had come down with the flu and she was worried that I'd catch it, since I had just gotten over a respiratory virus myself.  For a split second I panicked, but was quickly able to find alternate arrangements with other friends in Sundridge. So crisis diverted!

On Sunday morning, Ruth had to go to work.  Pete was taking his children to a kids Christmas party at his work in the afternoon, so I planned to leave after we went to church.  Throughout the night, I had some really bad heart burn and my stomach felt a bit yucky in the morning.  I got up early so I could say my goodbyes to Ruth since I wouldn't see her before I had to go.  Just after she left, all of a sudden, I ran into the bathroom and puked!  I never get pukey!  I'm just glad that I made it to the bathroom. I felt tons better after I did though.  I cleaned myself up, brushed my teeth, got dressed. did my hair etc, and off we went to church.  While I was there my stomach felt funky again.  I thought it must be from being empty but I was extremely thirsty also.  I managed to find a bottle of water and that made me feel a bit better.  I hung around after the service for while so I could say goodbye to people.  I always hate to say goodbye to them because I don't get to see them very often, and they really make you feel like you belong. When I finally managed to pry myself away, I was still feeling funky, so I went to McD's to get something to eat.  I didn't want anything greasy or big so I just thought I'd stick with a muffin and a coffee. I hopped on the Hi Way right away and started heading towards Sundridge.

While I was driving, I got a text message from my mother which I stole a quick peek at.  It said "Are you driving?"  Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't have been annoying to me however, about 5 minutes before that, I had an uncomfortable feeling in my tummy which I thought was a bit of gas and since I was alone, I thought "why not?" So I did.  Ok, that was a really bad decision.  It was NOT a feeling of needing to break wind, it was, DIARRHEA!  Here I am, in a beautiful rental car, not even 30,000 km on it, and I have pooped myself.  Fantastic.  So, as I am trying to find an exit with some place to go and change myself, this text message comes in.  The closest exit I could find that was familiar with some place close was at Weston Rd & 401.  

So, instead of just getting out of the car and dealing with my poopy situation, I being the genius that I am, decide to answer my text message first.  I replied "Not anymore," thinking that she was wanting to talk to me further.  So I wait for the next message.  I wait, and wait, and wait.  Finally out of sheer frustration for the yucky situation I'm in, I decide to call back and terrorize my poor mother for not sending me another text.  I said my piece, got out of the car, grabbed some stuff out of my trunk to clean myself up with and a change of clothes, and head into the nearest establishment which will remain nameless.  While I'm sitting in the washroom, I started to feel extremely bad because my mom just sent me another text saying she was sorry for bothering me and not to pull off the road  to text her back. Keep in mind, I still haven't explained my situation to her.  You know the situation I was really mad at, not her.  So I send back a text message telling her I'm sorry and that I will call her in a few minutes.  I finished up, leaving my dirty unmentionables behind (sealed in a bag in the garbage) went out to my car, checked my seat out (not a trace on it!!) and called my mom to apologize.  

If I haven't totally grossed you out, come back for part 5!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 3

Ok, so now on to Part 3 of my journeys.  I excitedly arrived safely in Kitchener at Ruth's house at about  1:30pm.  Ruth and Faith had just recently got home from Faith's JK Christmas program.  Ruth filmed her performance and I got to watch it!  Faith is sooo cute!  She did extremely well!  If you know anything about Faith's medical background, you cant help but get emotional when watching her in her concert.  She is little miracle and to be able to see her in action it just makes you so happy, you cry!  Some of Ruth's older kids came home after school and a few went to do something special with their grandma. When Pete came home from work, Ruth and I made our way over to the party!!  

The Five Favourite Things party was a great success!  It was held a Cheryl's house and 25 ladies showed up!!  I was extremely excited to give away my gift but equally excited to receive some!!  I got some great gifts. I got a Subway gift card, Lindor chocolates from 2 people, a Glade Christmassy smelling candle with some very yummy home baked goods and some Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies chocolates.  My close friend Cherish (who, as luck would have it, also lives in the Kitchener area!) was able to come which was awesome!  It was so much fun and I think that everyone there could say the same!  It was really nice meeting the people who I didn't already know, and was great to see some of the faces that I don't always get to see when I get down there. After the party, Ruth and I went back to her house and went to bed.  

Ruth had to work on Saturday morning and Pete took the little ones to their activities.  Cheryl ended up sending me a text message and inviting me to her house for some breakfast!  I sent her back a text and told her if she didn't mind me showing up wearing my jammies and brought my shower stuff and clothes with me, I could get there quicker!!  So I did. I gathered up the stuff I needed and put on my coat and shoes, hopped in the car and drove across town in my jammies.  I had some breakfast, a little visit, showered and got dressed.  

In the afternoon I went over to visit with Shannon who happened to be in the middle of finding her Christmas decorations.  She was also still in her jammies, so I probably could have gotten away with staying in mine too, but I had already gotten dressed.  I ordered some coffee samples for a Tassimo maker (even though I don't have one) with my coffee loving friend in mind!  To my surprise, it was a full box of 12!  I would actually add a link to the name of them if I could remember what brand they were since we had some and they tasted great!!  Shannon surprised me with a little gift!  I am a Betty Boop fan and my collection of Betty Boop collectibles is slowly growing. Shannon bought me a key lanyard that is Betty Boop!  I enjoyed the nice visit with Shan, her hubby Dave and their kids.

Stay tuned for Part 4.  

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 2

So, Friday morning happened..appointment, crazy lady..etc....

As I said in Part 1, my appointments just so happen (to my extreme excitement!) to land on the very same week that Ruth and Cheryl were hosting a Five Favourite Things party.  The opportunist that I am, I decided to make a weekend of it.

I need to backtrack a bit first.  I will explain what Five Favourite Things party is.  Each person attending this party is to bring 5 identical items that are their favourite thing, but they must be around the $6 mark. When you get to the party, you take 5 pieces of paper and write your name on them and place them into a bucket.  When its time to share the presents you pick 5 different names out of the bucket and those 5 people will receive your presents. After you give the presents to the people who's names you have picked and they have opened them, you tell everyone why you chose that item as your favourite thing.  Its really interesting to see what people choose and its alot of fun!  You get to go home with 5 different items that were given to you by the people who have picked your name!  The item I chose is an Oil Mist Spray Pump that you fill with Olive Oil and use it for healthier cooking.  I found my gadget a few months ago and I love it so I had to find some for the party.

I bought mine in the Independent Grocer in Kirkland Lake Ontario, on a clearance shelf. So I had absolutely no idea if I would ever find any like mine, but I hit the jackpot when I decided to go into one of Independent's sister stores in Toronto.  At the Superstore located at Weston Road and the 401 near my Nana's house, I was able to find them!  I was totally excited!  I found out later that night at the party, that my backup idea had already been taken!  It was Mascara.  My other thought was to buy 5 boxes of Always Infinity!

I finished up my Toronto portion of my trip with a nice little visit with my Nana.  She is an 86 year old dutch immigrant with the cutest accent.  She is very active because she has a little dog that she takes care of.  Everyone in her neighbourhood know's her by name because she has lived in that area for a very long time.  No one brews a cup of tea like my Nana!  I only ever drink tea when I'm with her because its so good!  I tease her and call her the incredible shrinking woman because at one time, she was about 5'2" and now, if she is any more than 4'10" I'd be really surprised.

After I left my Nana's house I headed for Kitchener.  I am going to have to leave my Kitchener portion of my story for tomorrow!  Who knew this would turn into a 3 part story?  I really hope you come back for more tomorrow!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales... Part 1

Last Wednesday I began my trip by getting a rental car in North Bay at Enterprise.  I had a beautiful Nissan Sentra that was barely broken in with its less than 30,000 km.  I love that car!!  It was comfortable and was amazing on gas! I also had the added safety of a free upgrade of winter tires!!  The guy that handled the rental was really cool, and totally resembled the actor Chris Farley! And, most importantly, it had an auxiliary jack to plug in my MP3 player!  

So, after a quick bit to eat at the best breakfast place in North Bay, Burger World, I went and had my hair done at  Modern College of Hairstyling & Esthetics, which only cost $7.91 taxes in!!   

Around 1:45pm, I was southbound!  Now the main purpose of my trip was to go down to a couple of doctor's appointments (nothing you should worry about), which were Thursday and Friday.  As fate would have it, that was the very same Friday that my friends Ruth and Cheryl were hosting a really cool party called a Five Favourite Things Party, but I will get to that in a moment.

My first stop over was Toronto, to spend some much needed time with my good friend Michelina, and to attend my doctor's appointments.  I arrived at Michelina's at roughly 6 pm and we decided we should go for some dinner.  We went to eat at Messini Authentic Gyros on the Danforth...YUMMY!  I cant remember what the name of the plate she ordered us was, but it included 2 gyros, I had the chicken and she had the lamb, Greek fries (totally ingenious feta on fries) and a Greek salad. 

Thursday I had one appointment.  I was totally appalled to discover that it cost me $18  to park for just over 2 hours at Toronto Western.  I had a mellower Thursday night and another appointment on Friday morning.  This time I was smart and parked across the road at the metered parking in the McDonalds Parking lot.  It only cost me $3.45 (all the change I had in my wallet) but that was way better than Thursday's price.  I was a bit early because I had anticipated traffic since my appointment was at 8 am, but it was rather light. So I went into McD's and got a coffee.  I have been into that McD's location before and encountered a crazy lady on my last trip there, but who would have thought that I would encounter another!!  

As I'm sitting there enjoying my coffee and reading a 24 newspaper, in walks this blonde hair, blue eyed, scruffy looking lady who was carrying a bunch of bags.  Since I'm a people watcher, I couldn't help but notice her when she came in the restaurant.  She looked at me, so naturally I looked back and smiled, but I think that was a mistake.  She then came and proceeded to talk to me in a totally fake First Nations accent (think about all the old cowboys and Indian movies and you will know what I'm talking about.) She went on about seeing people suffering at the hands of the government, people being tortured and stuff like that. To which I responded with the usual, "Oh, that's not good, Oh that's horrible," trying to do that without sounding like I was patronizing her, but I really just wanted her to go away and let me get to my coffee.  So in response to above reactions to her stories, she proceeds to slam her bags down on the ground and stick her finger in my face while telling me, "You have insulted me, now I should take you by your pretty blonde hair and scalp you like we did long ago." 
Needless to say, I was kind of freaked out, but at the same time I thought to myself, "No, I like this haircut, I just got it."  To my relief, she stomped off and found some other person to terrorize! I took that opportunity to scaddadle on out of there and go over to my appointment across the street.  

I have more to say about my weekend, but I'm actually not feeling that well so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post the rest.  Please come back for Part 2!  You wont be disappointed!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Monday, 5 December 2011

Tales from the Beyond...Late oops!

I haven't talked to my baby cousin Marshall (now 32 years old) in 20ish years....I know, that is absolutely ridiculous!

But, thanks to Facebook, we have found each other again!  

Tonight we were talking about different things we remembered from when we were kids.  It felt good to know that his memories of me are the same as my memories of him!  All happy and fun!
One thing we were laughing about was how we used to go swimming in the hydro pond.  I dont even know if that is dangerous at all, or if anyone even thought about it...but it was a little pond surrounded by hydro towers!  We were joking about wondering how high our radiation levels might be...and decided that we both didn't want to know!  Instead, we agreed that this would be a great slogan for a t-shirt.

Maybe one day we will make ourselves some!  But for now its nice just getting to know him again!  I've missed him!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

YUMMY!! Best Chinese Food Ever!

I happened to be in Scarborough on Friday night and my friend took me to this restaurant that on first glance looked like a little hole in the wall!  Its called the Spicy Dragon.  This is the link to their site.Prepare your taste buds to be amazed!!  ( I added the clever caption!)

Like I said...on first glance, I thought "Where did she take me?"  but I know, you cant always judge a book by its cover.  I took her word for it and was not disappointed!  It was amazing!!  We had the Manchurian Chicken Chow Mein, Kan Shue Green Beans and Chicken Pakora and I loved it all!  Each dish was well under $8 for a huge portion (we had left overs to take home) and it came with a side dish of perfectly cooked rice!  

If you happen to be in the Toronto area and are looking for a great place to eat! I highly recommend the Spicy Dragon!  You may have to wait for a table (since its small) but you will not be disappointed!