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Monday, 19 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 6 The Ending.

I ended up sleeping through the night but I set an alarm to get up at 8 am because I needed to get to North Bay early enough to go to the bank and get a new bank card before returning my rental car.  When I got up Bill was in the kitchen having a coffee so I went and had a coffee with him.  He made us some oatmeal for breakfast while we chitchatted.  I was really hungry because I hadn't had much to eat at all the day before because I was sick, so I was glad to have it!  I woke up feeling much better and my fever went away.  I was also extremely excited because after I returned the car and met up with my folks, I was going to meet with my cousin Marshall! I haven't seen Marshall in 12ish years, since my grandmother passed away.
My reason for choosing Sundridge to spend the night is that it wasn't a very far drive to return the car Monday Morning.  I left the Watson's house around 9:30 and headed to North Bay.  I found the bank and went in to get a new bank card to replace the one I lost the day before.  It didn't take very long for the teller to get me up and running with the card.  So with a feeling of relief I went to the bank machine and checked my balance to make sure nothing was missing.  Everything was still there, phew!  Another Crisis diverted. Or so I thought.  

When I left the bank, I went to the gas station to top up the gas tank.  To my surprise, it only took $8.61 cents to fill it up!  Great mileage since I filled it up below Huntsville the night before!  I went inside with my brand new bank card to pay for my gas.  TRANSACTION DECLINED!  How can this be?  I just was at the bank.  Once again I was glad I had some cash on me! What was I going to do since I had 15 minutes to return and pay for the rental!  So I called my mother and told her and they told me just to meet them at the car rental place and just finish the transaction on their credit card and we had some time to go back down to the bank before meeting with Marshall.  So I did.  Our Chris Farley look-alike was there from the other day to complete the transaction.  My overall experience with Enterprise was excellent.  I have rented from them before and have not been disappointed!  

We went back over to the bank and I went in to talk to them to find out why I couldn't use it for purchases but I could still see the balance.  They told me that it takes 24 hours for the card to activate (Not true, according to my branch).  What happened was, I went to the bank earlier than the lost report went through so when I activated my new card, they put the hold on the new one instead of the old one.  Ya. I totally get what you are thinking.  DUH.  Oh well, I got that problem rectified at my branch all together since and paid my dad right away so there wouldn't be any interest on the credit card.

So, back to Marshall.  After we left the bank, we went over to our favourite breakfast spot (Burger World)to meet him. It was almost 11:30 am. We got there first so my mom and I got a table while my dad was outside tending to Snoopy (their dog) who came along for the ride.  My dad and Marshall found each other in the parking lot and walked in together.  As soon as I saw him, I realized how much I missed having him in my life!  He looks great! We had a great time together enjoying a meal before we went to his home for more visit time.  I was so glad we didn't have to cut it short after eating.  We visited with him and met his pets. After a while, his roommates came home. Marshall wanted us to see this store that sells some used renovation stuff since him and my dad were talking reno's so he hopped in the van with us to go there!  I was glad because it extended our visit even longer!  When we were done there, we brought him back home and sadly had to leave since it was a bit more than 2 more hours for us to get home.  Now that we know where each other are, we have plans to get together often!  He's my cousin and when we were kids, his sister Wendy and Marshall and I were all very close.  We are planning a trip to go and visit with his sister. She lives over in Kemptville so thats a wee bit of a road trip!  I am looking forward to spending more time with him in the near future!  Its been way too long!

We made it home at about 6:30pm on Monday night after a few stops to some grocery stores on our way.  After an adventurous 6 days, it sure felt good to relax!  However,  Im already ready to get going on another trip soon!!  

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