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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday!! ~My Fake Grandbaby!~

Last weekend, my son Justin, had an electronic doll at home that is programmed to act somewhat like a real baby. Its called "Baby Think it Through." It was for his parenting class at school. He named him Nicholas Cage Boakes.
 He had to wake up at all hours of the night to tend to his baby.  I was slightly amused by it as I remembered the real thing!  The baby is programmed to need 4 specific things, changing, feeding, burping or rocking.  Like a real baby, you have to figure out which one it needs. Each time it would start to cry he had to swipe his daddy bracelet to the sensor on the back of the doll so it would record that he tended to it, then he had to try the bottle to see if it wanted to drink or rocking it, or burping it or trying the diaper to see if it needed changing.
Justin did very well.  He scored a 98% on the print out that it gave to tell how he did.  I think that the "think it through" part works well.  I am happy to say, that even though he scored high, he doesn't want to have a real baby to deal with any time soon!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday!!

My niece Brooke, is totally into Spiderman.  She is turning 4 on June 9th.  Her and I have been having a little bit of banter about who is going to marry him, me or her.  She's said I can marry Peter Parker but she will marry Peter (I think she doesn't quite get that they are the same SO..I sent her this picture.
Its my face, instead of Mary Jane's. I made it on on the website  I sent it to her mom's email address and Brooke wasn't pleased.  She told me that I couldn't marry him because she was.  So, to make her happy, I made her another picture.
I got to hear everything because we were on the telephone when she got the pictures!  It took her a minute to realize it was her face.  She gasped and said, "Is that me? When Im a grown up?" and her mother told her "yes!"  Then she says, "I look great!"  So, she thinks that when she grows up, she is going to marry Spiderman!  Oh, to be 4 again! By the way, she told me I get to marry the Green Goblin, then changed her mind.  I can marry Harry.  Peter's best friend.  Lucky me!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Grrr..Im tired of Lousy Service

Im convinced that the internet department of Northern Tel is run by a bunch of idiots.  I have never seen such lousy internet in my life.  Do they think that people don't notice the lousy service?  People around here say they have the same problems as we do, but Im starting to think that Im the only person who calls to complain. Im tired of talking to technicians who read me the same series of questions.

1. Is the modem connected directly to a phone line without a filter?
2. Are you using the original phone cord provided in the box?
3. Are all the phones in your household connected with a filter?
4. Do you have a wireless router connected to the modem?

YES, YES, YES, YES....geesh.  We are using the "New" modem that they provided. We are using the original phone cord they provided.  We have filters on every phone in the house. I purchased the 3 year extended warranty when I bought my router at The Source. Last month while we were having our probably 1 millionth problem with the internet, I went to The Source and exchanged my router for a brand new one.  SO....YES...I have a wireless router connected to the modem, however...once again, it is not the router. If they want to prove its not the router why don't they just send me a modem with WiFi??

If they truly have kept a record of all the times I, and other people who live in this household have called them, then they should understand why tomorrow, when I call customer service, I will be demanding they give us a discount for the next few months to compensate for the lousy service of the past.  I also have a voice mail from a technician (from the last time they opened a repair ticket) who kindly explained how the problem was at their end and how they changed a network card in their servers..blah blah blah.

Oh ya, one more thing...not everyone in Northern Ontario speaks french.  Get some technicians who speak fluent English.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Geesh..Has it really been that long?

I guess its been a really long time since I actually blogged a real blog. I'm not going make up a million excuses, I'm just going be honest and say it.  I have a bad short term memory and need to write things down so I can blog about it sooner.  When something funny or interesting happens, I think to myself, "I should blog about that!"  Then I forget to do it, however, a few weeks go by, and the long term memory kicks in and recalls a funny thing to talk about. Then its more of a decision as to whether or not I should.  The should not mostly wins because the moment has passed, but today, I'm going to tell you about driving my dad's car on my last road trip to Kitchener. This is his car.
Its a 2001 Crown Victoria.  I couldn't even narrow down the colour for you.  In some light, it looks midnight blue.  In some light, it looks midnight plum. At night, it looks black. When I drive, I tend to stick a bit closer to the speed limit than some of the people who terrorize Hiway 11.  I do tend to go a bit faster, but I don't go crazy.  When driving this car during the daylight, it doesn't take long for people to realize I am not a police car. Its actually quite entertaining to see people speeding and suddenly slowing right down because they think you are a cop. BUT..and BUT is capitalized for a good reason, it is not fun when driving at night.  It takes people a lot longer to realize that I am not a cop, so, they pick a speed just at the speed limit or under (cowards) and you end up having anywhere from 2-4 cars blocking you in at a really slow pace.  The numbers actually grow when you approach Hiway 400 from 11.  So, depending on the time of day you travel, driving a car that resembles an unmarked police car, can be funny. I've even thought of sitting on a side street somewhere with a blow dryer in my hand and some sunglasses and a dark dress style shirt, so that I could pretend to be radar!  Honestly, if it wasn't a possibility that I could be charged with impersonation, I'd do it!