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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday!! ~My Fake Grandbaby!~

Last weekend, my son Justin, had an electronic doll at home that is programmed to act somewhat like a real baby. Its called "Baby Think it Through." It was for his parenting class at school. He named him Nicholas Cage Boakes.
 He had to wake up at all hours of the night to tend to his baby.  I was slightly amused by it as I remembered the real thing!  The baby is programmed to need 4 specific things, changing, feeding, burping or rocking.  Like a real baby, you have to figure out which one it needs. Each time it would start to cry he had to swipe his daddy bracelet to the sensor on the back of the doll so it would record that he tended to it, then he had to try the bottle to see if it wanted to drink or rocking it, or burping it or trying the diaper to see if it needed changing.
Justin did very well.  He scored a 98% on the print out that it gave to tell how he did.  I think that the "think it through" part works well.  I am happy to say, that even though he scored high, he doesn't want to have a real baby to deal with any time soon!

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