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Monday, 5 December 2011

Tales from the Beyond...Late oops!

I haven't talked to my baby cousin Marshall (now 32 years old) in 20ish years....I know, that is absolutely ridiculous!

But, thanks to Facebook, we have found each other again!  

Tonight we were talking about different things we remembered from when we were kids.  It felt good to know that his memories of me are the same as my memories of him!  All happy and fun!
One thing we were laughing about was how we used to go swimming in the hydro pond.  I dont even know if that is dangerous at all, or if anyone even thought about it...but it was a little pond surrounded by hydro towers!  We were joking about wondering how high our radiation levels might be...and decided that we both didn't want to know!  Instead, we agreed that this would be a great slogan for a t-shirt.

Maybe one day we will make ourselves some!  But for now its nice just getting to know him again!  I've missed him!

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