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Friday, 30 December 2011

"Your Foot Is Stuck To The Ground!"

I think some of the most fun times in life are when you meet that random stranger who knows how to make a person laugh!  While shopping in Walmart today with my mother, there was an older gentleman who liked to do just that.  He was walking up to complete strangers and saying, "Hey, how are you? Your foot is stuck to the ground!"  It made you stop and think about what he said, which I thought was pretty funny!  After making you laugh and smile, he said, "Have a Happy New Year!"  My mom and I both laughed and wished him the same!

I kept watching him in the produce department and he did it to about 4 other people. Everyone got a chuckle out of it except his wife!  After I watched him do the final person in that area before moving on, she did what I'd expect most wives of a jokester would do, she smacked his arm!  I don't think she was mad at him, just probably a wee bit embarrassed.

What the wife doesn't realize is, is how he brightened alot of people's days!  After all the hustle and bustle of the "Spend Spend Spend" theme that always happens at Christmas time, it sure is nice to find someone who just wants to make you laugh!

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