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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 2

So, Friday morning happened..appointment, crazy lady..etc....

As I said in Part 1, my appointments just so happen (to my extreme excitement!) to land on the very same week that Ruth and Cheryl were hosting a Five Favourite Things party.  The opportunist that I am, I decided to make a weekend of it.

I need to backtrack a bit first.  I will explain what Five Favourite Things party is.  Each person attending this party is to bring 5 identical items that are their favourite thing, but they must be around the $6 mark. When you get to the party, you take 5 pieces of paper and write your name on them and place them into a bucket.  When its time to share the presents you pick 5 different names out of the bucket and those 5 people will receive your presents. After you give the presents to the people who's names you have picked and they have opened them, you tell everyone why you chose that item as your favourite thing.  Its really interesting to see what people choose and its alot of fun!  You get to go home with 5 different items that were given to you by the people who have picked your name!  The item I chose is an Oil Mist Spray Pump that you fill with Olive Oil and use it for healthier cooking.  I found my gadget a few months ago and I love it so I had to find some for the party.

I bought mine in the Independent Grocer in Kirkland Lake Ontario, on a clearance shelf. So I had absolutely no idea if I would ever find any like mine, but I hit the jackpot when I decided to go into one of Independent's sister stores in Toronto.  At the Superstore located at Weston Road and the 401 near my Nana's house, I was able to find them!  I was totally excited!  I found out later that night at the party, that my backup idea had already been taken!  It was Mascara.  My other thought was to buy 5 boxes of Always Infinity!

I finished up my Toronto portion of my trip with a nice little visit with my Nana.  She is an 86 year old dutch immigrant with the cutest accent.  She is very active because she has a little dog that she takes care of.  Everyone in her neighbourhood know's her by name because she has lived in that area for a very long time.  No one brews a cup of tea like my Nana!  I only ever drink tea when I'm with her because its so good!  I tease her and call her the incredible shrinking woman because at one time, she was about 5'2" and now, if she is any more than 4'10" I'd be really surprised.

After I left my Nana's house I headed for Kitchener.  I am going to have to leave my Kitchener portion of my story for tomorrow!  Who knew this would turn into a 3 part story?  I really hope you come back for more tomorrow!

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