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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 3

Ok, so now on to Part 3 of my journeys.  I excitedly arrived safely in Kitchener at Ruth's house at about  1:30pm.  Ruth and Faith had just recently got home from Faith's JK Christmas program.  Ruth filmed her performance and I got to watch it!  Faith is sooo cute!  She did extremely well!  If you know anything about Faith's medical background, you cant help but get emotional when watching her in her concert.  She is little miracle and to be able to see her in action it just makes you so happy, you cry!  Some of Ruth's older kids came home after school and a few went to do something special with their grandma. When Pete came home from work, Ruth and I made our way over to the party!!  

The Five Favourite Things party was a great success!  It was held a Cheryl's house and 25 ladies showed up!!  I was extremely excited to give away my gift but equally excited to receive some!!  I got some great gifts. I got a Subway gift card, Lindor chocolates from 2 people, a Glade Christmassy smelling candle with some very yummy home baked goods and some Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies chocolates.  My close friend Cherish (who, as luck would have it, also lives in the Kitchener area!) was able to come which was awesome!  It was so much fun and I think that everyone there could say the same!  It was really nice meeting the people who I didn't already know, and was great to see some of the faces that I don't always get to see when I get down there. After the party, Ruth and I went back to her house and went to bed.  

Ruth had to work on Saturday morning and Pete took the little ones to their activities.  Cheryl ended up sending me a text message and inviting me to her house for some breakfast!  I sent her back a text and told her if she didn't mind me showing up wearing my jammies and brought my shower stuff and clothes with me, I could get there quicker!!  So I did. I gathered up the stuff I needed and put on my coat and shoes, hopped in the car and drove across town in my jammies.  I had some breakfast, a little visit, showered and got dressed.  

In the afternoon I went over to visit with Shannon who happened to be in the middle of finding her Christmas decorations.  She was also still in her jammies, so I probably could have gotten away with staying in mine too, but I had already gotten dressed.  I ordered some coffee samples for a Tassimo maker (even though I don't have one) with my coffee loving friend in mind!  To my surprise, it was a full box of 12!  I would actually add a link to the name of them if I could remember what brand they were since we had some and they tasted great!!  Shannon surprised me with a little gift!  I am a Betty Boop fan and my collection of Betty Boop collectibles is slowly growing. Shannon bought me a key lanyard that is Betty Boop!  I enjoyed the nice visit with Shan, her hubby Dave and their kids.

Stay tuned for Part 4.  

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