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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tina's Travelling Tales Part 4

Welcome to Part 4!

So, after my visit with Shannon (and family) I went to back to Ruth's house to spend some time with her family and to wait for her to get home from work.  I need to mention that on the way over to Shannon's I discovered that the gas light in my rental was on, so on my way back to Ruth's I stopped for gas.  When Ruth got home we watched some movies and chitchatted.  It was a nice relaxing evening.  Pete was out at his work Christmas party for a bit of the time but joined us later on.  During the evening, I got a text message from my friend Christa ( I was supposed to stay at her house on Sunday night) telling me that both her girls had come down with the flu and she was worried that I'd catch it, since I had just gotten over a respiratory virus myself.  For a split second I panicked, but was quickly able to find alternate arrangements with other friends in Sundridge. So crisis diverted!

On Sunday morning, Ruth had to go to work.  Pete was taking his children to a kids Christmas party at his work in the afternoon, so I planned to leave after we went to church.  Throughout the night, I had some really bad heart burn and my stomach felt a bit yucky in the morning.  I got up early so I could say my goodbyes to Ruth since I wouldn't see her before I had to go.  Just after she left, all of a sudden, I ran into the bathroom and puked!  I never get pukey!  I'm just glad that I made it to the bathroom. I felt tons better after I did though.  I cleaned myself up, brushed my teeth, got dressed. did my hair etc, and off we went to church.  While I was there my stomach felt funky again.  I thought it must be from being empty but I was extremely thirsty also.  I managed to find a bottle of water and that made me feel a bit better.  I hung around after the service for while so I could say goodbye to people.  I always hate to say goodbye to them because I don't get to see them very often, and they really make you feel like you belong. When I finally managed to pry myself away, I was still feeling funky, so I went to McD's to get something to eat.  I didn't want anything greasy or big so I just thought I'd stick with a muffin and a coffee. I hopped on the Hi Way right away and started heading towards Sundridge.

While I was driving, I got a text message from my mother which I stole a quick peek at.  It said "Are you driving?"  Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't have been annoying to me however, about 5 minutes before that, I had an uncomfortable feeling in my tummy which I thought was a bit of gas and since I was alone, I thought "why not?" So I did.  Ok, that was a really bad decision.  It was NOT a feeling of needing to break wind, it was, DIARRHEA!  Here I am, in a beautiful rental car, not even 30,000 km on it, and I have pooped myself.  Fantastic.  So, as I am trying to find an exit with some place to go and change myself, this text message comes in.  The closest exit I could find that was familiar with some place close was at Weston Rd & 401.  

So, instead of just getting out of the car and dealing with my poopy situation, I being the genius that I am, decide to answer my text message first.  I replied "Not anymore," thinking that she was wanting to talk to me further.  So I wait for the next message.  I wait, and wait, and wait.  Finally out of sheer frustration for the yucky situation I'm in, I decide to call back and terrorize my poor mother for not sending me another text.  I said my piece, got out of the car, grabbed some stuff out of my trunk to clean myself up with and a change of clothes, and head into the nearest establishment which will remain nameless.  While I'm sitting in the washroom, I started to feel extremely bad because my mom just sent me another text saying she was sorry for bothering me and not to pull off the road  to text her back. Keep in mind, I still haven't explained my situation to her.  You know the situation I was really mad at, not her.  So I send back a text message telling her I'm sorry and that I will call her in a few minutes.  I finished up, leaving my dirty unmentionables behind (sealed in a bag in the garbage) went out to my car, checked my seat out (not a trace on it!!) and called my mom to apologize.  

If I haven't totally grossed you out, come back for part 5!!

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