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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another Mom Funny To Share!

Sometimes, the things my mother does are just downright too cute funny not to share!

Last night, I was on my computer and my mom comes down and tells me that she can't get the printer to work.  So I go upstairs to investigate.  Since she has a fast laptop and my dad's computer is a dinosaur, a couple of months back we took all of the printer software off his computer because his hard drive is so small in comparison and installed it on her laptop instead.  So, she plugs the USB from the printer in her laptop and can't figure out why nothing will print for her.  Here comes the funny!  For whatever reason, she was using my dad's computer and not her own.  She got something online and needed to print off the receipt for it.  So, needing to plug the printer a computer to make it work and knowing we took the software off my dad's computer she plugs it into the laptop, which she was not using.  I politely explained to her that she cannot print from her laptop if she wasn't using her lap top to begin with (and it wasn't something that could be transferred from the computer to her laptop via a memory stick anyhow.)  All of a sudden the lights went on in her head and she realized the error of her thought process.  We both broke out in a fit of laughter and she says while laughing, "I guess you have something to blog about!"  We laughed even harder but I told her I wouldn't if she didn't want me to, but to my relief she said, "Go ahead!, I don't care. Its funny!"

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