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Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Weight-loss Journey...Sprint Walking with My Friend!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner at the Bariatric Clinic. It was a great visit. My blood pressure was good and Im healing well.  When she weighed me, I was down 46 lbs!  It was very exciting to learn my scale is pretty much right on the mark with theirs.  I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my friend Johnny. Time with him always includes great talks, many laughs and ALWAYS includes long walks.  Johnny is a serious walker. Meaning, he walks incredibly fast. In the past, I always found myself running to keep up and pretty much begging him to slow down!

I did pretty good at keeping up with him yesterday. I only had to ask him to slow down once, which he did for about 50 feet before we resumed his normal pace.  I had a back pack full of stuff that probably weighed about 25 lbs.  We probably walked a total of 4 kms, but I really wasn't walking, I was sprinting to keep up, but I didn't mind, I enjoyed myself.

After we parted ways, I had to board a train back to Kitchener and I was pooped, but overtired and couldn't sleep.  I finally did sleep and when I woke up I was curious, so I stepped on the scale. To my complete pleasurable surprise, I was down another 2 lbs!  So now my total weight-loss is now 48 lbs!

So the moral of my story is, Sprint walking with a good friend is very beneficial! Looking forward to doing it again on Monday!


  1. You go girl be a walkabout lol

  2. AWESOME Tina!!! Nothing like a long walk and a good friend!!!


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