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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fun at Blissdom Canada!!

My weekend started early with fun and ended with a ton of fun. I went to Toronto to attend Blissdom Canada.  Blissdom is a social media conference where you network with other bloggers, tweeters and bump elbows with different companies!  For some of us lucky people, the conference started with the opportunity to attend a live taping of the Marilyn Denis show. The audience members were sent home with 2 gift certificates. One is for Beyond the Rack and the other is for eLuxe, both are for $50 bucks!!  We also received a book called Sh*tty Mom, which so far is extremely funny!  The staff of the show gave us all a great experience and we had a lot of fun.  Marilyn Denis is an extremely nice person and she even posed for a picture with each of us.
When we registered for the conference, we were greeted by Christine Magee and Sleep Country Canada who provided us with a free pillow!  Mine is their new Memory Foam Contour Pillow!

We also attended a really cool Blissdom Canada kick off party provided for us by Microsoft Canada. There were Kinects and Xboxes all around for our enjoyment, along with drinks and appetizers. (I had to skip those though!)  

With an early start to Saturday morning, I attended a morning session that was especially for us Newbies to the Blissdom conference.  It was a great time meeting all the other newbies who were just as nervous as I was attending for the first time and a great way to break the ice.  

Right after the Newbie meeting, we went straight to breakfast provided by Dove!  There was a huge selection of food for us to choose from.  They even had items that I could eat too!  After Breakfast, there was a presentation by them which was pretty interesting. We even received a bottle of Dove Body Wash as a gift from them!  

After breakfast and the Dove presentation, Blissdom had an opening session to start off the day followed by micro-sessions with various experienced bloggers and authors and Social Media veterans   They were great and I learned alot.  

We also had some time in the afternoon to check out the various sponsors of Blissdom Canada.  They all provided us with an insane amount of Swag!  Click here for the link to the list of sponsors!
Me and the Pepperidge Farms guy!
Chef Michael Smith and I!
We also got an autographed copy of Chef Michael Smith's Cook Book, The Big Book of Little Lentils and a picture with him!

My Roomies and I with our books!
Saturday night ended with a Costume and Karaoke Party!  I dressed up as Medusa! The picture is a bit blurry but its the best one I have.
The weekend ended with an excursion to GM sponsored by Chevrolet Canada.  We got to test out some cars on some slick courses, learn about new safety features and the highlight of my day, drive a brand, spanking new Camero!

Thanks to all the sponsors of the 2012 Blissdom Canada Conference for showing us all a great time!  Thanks to all the people who took the time to organize the conference as well!  I cant wait for next year!!


  1. Great times had by all I'm sure glad you enjoyed yourself

  2. Hey there girl,
    Nice wrap-up, good times were totally had by all, it was a pleasure to meet you and hang out with you for the duration of the conference!
    Oh, and yes, I do miss you guys and I hope your driving excursion was uneventful!

    Sending good vibes for success on your go girl!
    Hugs, Nerina

  3. you're doing really well on your journey, I'm proud of you and I'm glad you got to come to BlissDom Canada. :)


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