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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Most Recent Extended Trip to Toronto/Kitchener

On September 6th I boarded the bus headed for the big city at 10:50pm, the only possible travel time available for me to make my scheduled appointment at Toronto Western Hospital at 4:00pm the next day.  Its an odd travel time, that's for sure, but heck, I've done it before.  I will just sleep on the bus and have to find some things to do to pass the time during the next day.

BOY WAS I WRONG!!  Well about the sleeping part anyhow.  It was a newer (Yet very dirty) bus with nice new ergonomic back rests that must have been designed by and fitted for a person of about 6 feet tall.  My 5 feet 2 3/4 inches cannot possibly melt to the back rest in any way to find even the most remotely comfortable position.  To make matters worse, I had some chick digging her knees into the back of my seat for the entire 8ish hour trip.  So boredom set in seriously fast, without the ability to sleep.  So maybe I will just read.  Several pages into my book, the sighs began from all around. Apparently the light that allowed me to see my eBook was bothering everyone else around me.  So I gave in, shut off my book, shut of my light, grabbed my MP3 player and proceeded to toss and turn about for the rest of the trip while listening to music.

That was about the extent of the travel to Toronto.  I arrived at Yorkdale Terminal at about 7:00 am, safe and sound, but, extremely tired.

So, the day you would think has actually begun, but is it really a new day?  I haven't slept yet, so is it still the day before, or is it now really the 7th?  All I know, is that I'm tired and I am slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, (shhhh!) I might be too old to pull all-nighters..NAH!

Here I am at Yorkdale, its 7ish in the morning.  What to do?  I only have 9 more hours to kill before my appointment....
COFFEE...yes, a good old cup of joe.  Maybe that and a quick bite to eat will give me a boost.  So I went to Tim Hortons and grabbed a breakfast combo. I forgot to tell the lady to up-size my coffee, only a medium...we will see!

Oh, ya, I forgot to mention that since everyone is so paranoid since 9/11, bus terminals in the city of Toronto do not have lockers, so, I am stuck lugging my suitcase, carry-on bag and my purse around for the whole day.  As annoying and back breaking as it has become, I found myself fondly nick naming my suitcase Airex (pronounced Erics) and telling it to come along as we go walking. To understand why I would nickname my suitcase and think its funny, please watch the movie Leap Year and it you will get it. Here is a Youtube clip!

As I was saying, I ate breakfast.  That killed about 20 minutes or so, Now what?          
To be continued.....

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  1. I would have let the others keep giving me dirty looks for reading:-) The lights are there for a reason, right? I am so glad that you made this trip...


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