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Friday, 7 October 2011

My Thoughts on the Loss of Steve Jobs

I'm was just wondering how many people actually knew who Steve Jobs was before he stepped down from his position at Apple? To be quite honest, I didn't. I wasn't even curious about who invented the technology at Apple. I along with most other people (if everyone is being honest with themselves) didn't put a name or a face to it before now, taking for granted that a person(s) is/are behind it all. Steve Jobs death has actually made me stop and think for a minute that just about everything we see or touch was just a person's thought or idea at one time until they took the time to develop it into existence.

Every now and then some genius is born, lives his live and then passes.  I was only made aware of who Steve Jobs was because the media put it out there.  He was an actual person with a beating heart, a family who loved and cherished him, but also a great contributor to the way our lives our led each and every day due to the way technology has made things easier for us to live. Its obvious that there were other's who did know who he was and what he did, or how else would we have the things the man invented.  We have been lucky to have such a valued member of society, but how many people go unrecognized or unnoticed for the things they have done or achieved in their lives. 

What I think I'm trying to get at, is, how many people out there feel like they have no one who notices the things they do or no one to encourage them to become like Steve Jobs?  No one to nurture their talent into existence?  I think that everyday we need to take a look around us at the things we use everyday to exist and appreciate the person who thought of it, but just as importantly, we need to look around us at the people who we know and love. Are we appreciating the things they do? Are we appreciating the people they could become if they are nurtured properly?  You never know, you may just be next Steve Jobs.

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