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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

10 Facts About Me

1.  I am a mom. My son's name is Justin and I love him to pieces.  He is almost 18. I have a hard time comprehending that because.....

2.  In my head, Im still 16!

3.  I have 4 tattoos and I want more. I want my next one to be the Stickman Eddie I want it on my lower back.
Stickman Eddie!

4.  I still love 90's grunge music and even what the bands from that era play today.  Especially Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.  They have beautiful voices!

5.  I don't like the name Tina.  It feels like I only have half of a name. It will always sound like you are referring to a 6 year old when you are referring to me.  The only thing that really rhymes with it is Ballerina.

6.  I miss my friends.  All of them.  Everyone of them has a uniquely wonderful quality that adds to my life.

7.  I love to read.  I love my e-reader.  Two of my favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights (a book I hated in high school because I didn't understand it then.)

8.  My favorite movies are classic love stories, like Pride and Prejudice, dramas like, The Secret Life of Bees or romantic comedies like Leap Year.

9.  I love to travel and I wish I could teleport to different places constantly.

10. I'm told that I always look like nothing ever phases me. I wonder if my poker face could come in handy at a casino?

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