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Monday, 31 October 2011

Tales from the Beyond...My Cousin Deborah

Today I was thinking a lot about my cousin Deborah.  Deb passed away early last spring at a young age.  She was only 44 years old.  I miss her.  She lived across the street from me and we spent quite a bit of time together in her last few years.  This is her picture.
Deb was a fellow fan of the crooners like Morrissey, Depeche  Mode and so on!  Most of our visits involved singing Morrissey songs.  One of our favorites was Hair Dresser on Fire.  I made a video for memorial service.
Deb was a pretty strong person who faced and overcame many health challenges before being diagnosed with cancer.  I love her and miss her, but I am glad she no longer has to fight those challenges and is in a better place.

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