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Monday, 24 October 2011

Tales from the Beyond...

One time I went to babysit for some friends.  They are the ones who own the farm I took my niece to when she came to visit. (Click here for that post!)  They have a little goat named Lucy-Tasha.  When Lucy-Tasha was born, she was rejected by her mother because she was born with a birth defect.  She has disfigured ears.  I think it gives her character and adds to her charm.
Because her mother rejected her, Lily, the owner had to bring her into the house so that all the other goats (including her mother) didn't try to kill her. Lucy-Tasha had to wear diapers while she was in the house, and it goes without saying, that when something or someone wears diapers, they usually require a diaper change.  
Now before you go getting all grossed out, it really wasn't all that bad.  If you've ever seen rabbit poop, you'd know what I mean.  It comes out in little pellets, and not really an odor because she was only having milk.  It was a lot less disgusting than some human diapers I've changed, that's for sure!  You probably noticed that she is actually wearing a human diaper.  All we had to do was cut a hole in it for her tail to stick out of it. (Done in the exact place, it fits just perfect!)  
She also required a feeding about every 3-4 hours, via a bottle that had a big nipple on it! I wish I had a picture of her drinking. It was very cute.  I kind of needed 2 hands to take feed her so taking her picture would have been impossible.

Lucy-Tasha really became quite comfortable in the house.  Even the dogs loved her too!
Lucy-Tasha snuggling with Jeremiah

Lucy-Tasha getting a kiss from Tickles
I think she even thought she may have been human, because she loved to watch television!
Lucy-Tasha is a wee bit older now, but she is very smart. She no longer needs to be in the house.  Georgie the Llama (click the link above) is her protector out in the barn. I think that when I babysat their boys and Lucy-Tasha, we really formed a bond.  That might sound silly to you, but whenever I go to visit, and go out into the barn, as soon as she hears my voice, she comes running to see me!
She's a bit bigger now and you can
see her deformation in her ears more now.
That was definitely a different experience for a city slicker like me and it wasn't too long after that, I went to Kitchener and ate one of her relatives at a Caribbean restaurant! Hee hee!

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  1. Tina - that was really good. You should write for a living! I especially liked the ending. You should share this. Very good.


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