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Monday, 12 November 2012

Weight-loss Journey...Yuck, tuna, never again!

So last week, I thought I'd try a bit of tuna.  BIG MISTAKE... It must have not been moist enough or my tummy wasn't ready for it, but I had pain...a lot of pain.  It was horrible. I only had to tiny bites of it and I broke in to a cold sweat and my stomach began to do flips and spasms, so I had to send my Veteran to the surgery friend, Danielle and my friend who just had the surgery a text message to find out what to do about it.  They were both very helpful at calming me down. I'm sure my anxiety was sky rocketing and was adding to the problem but they both advised me to relax, the pain doesn't last forever. In end, I had to purge to get rid of it, because it was intensifying and I could see no end.  I seriously felt like I was gonna die.

So, not long after I tossed my cookies, the pain subsided and I was grateful for that. I think it will be a very long time before I will try tuna again.  For some reason, when it comes back up, its a major turn off.
I had an issue with chicken the next night that was much more mild than the tuna, but since those two things I have been much more vigilant about the texture of my foods.  Everything is very soft and moist and chewed to an applesauce consistency.  Following those rules, and everything is smooth sailing.

Today, after stepping on the scale, I discovered after being plateaued at 57 lbs lost for the last few days, that I am just 1 pound away from 60 lbs down!  When I get there, its time for a picture!!

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