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Monday, 12 November 2012

My Son's Facebook Status Today.

My son had a really profound status on Facebook today.  I think it was well written and worth the share.  Coming from someone who is only 18, and was the age group he is talking about not long ago, could have a greater impact on kids nowadays.  Makes me a proud mamma!

"The future generation is starting to disgust me. All kids are worrying about now are getting laid at 12 and being proud for smoking and drinking at 11. What the hell happened where the kids started thinking they are adults? Half of them have "girlfriends" and "boyfriends" and talk about how in love they are. Bullcrap. Most of them can only even spell "relationship" because the Facebook statuses. Don't even get me started with the lack of enthusiasm about what they want for a future. I knew what I wanted to be since grade 7 and kids now a days could careless and are only concerned with knowing if there is a party next weekend. A future is built upon who we leave it in the hands of and what we make of it now. If you ask me, we're screwed. Thank you society, you're also to blame."

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  1. Wow! A wonderful thing to read by a young person! You should be very proud!


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