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Sunday, 1 January 2012

If You Could Be a Cartoon Character....

Who Would You Choose?  And Why?

If I could be any cartoon character, I would choose to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I like her best because she was smart. Her nose was always in a book, just like mine. She loved to read. She loved to dream.
Just like me, she shows she likes to have fun.  We witness the during the snowball fight she had with Beast.  She’s very elegant yet comes from humble circumstances.  She show her elegance when she put on the golden gown and dances with the Beast.  She was not a real princess by birth, she was chosen.  She was humble.  She was not shallow, she showed it in her approach to the Beast. She was compassionate.  She is a devoted daughter and was very brave when she risked everything for her father but then she went back to see Beast before he was to potentially dies.  She was loyal and courageous and strong.

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  1. im not sure that i can think of a cartoon character that i would see myself as but i enjoyed reading why your belle


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