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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Did you hear the one about...

...the lady who blogged about her underwear??

Today I was doing laundry and as I was folding my underwear, I let out the most absurd sounding giggle.  My new panties are literally a fraction of the size they were just 6 months ago!

"What?" you say.  "Is she really blogging about her undergarments?" you say.

Well yes, yes I am.  I am even about to post a picture of 2 pairs!

Here it is:


The above aqua pair are a *cough* X....the bottom pair are a large.  My butt has gotten tiny and I'm proud of it.  I found it extremely funny when the two different sizes were sitting next to each other, 

So, in saying that, if this post has somehow offended you in any way, I'm just going to tell  you "Pull up those big girl panties and suck it up because its here, on the web for all to see!"  GASP!


  1. LOVE this!!! how awesome! sooo proud of you...such an awesome feeling! can't wait to see you in real life!!! know what I person!! yippee!

  2. That is so AWESOME!!! I was thinking your new panties were size medium :) So proud of you!!


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