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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So, I know I Really Shouldn't Have...

...BUT...last week when I was at my Nana's house, I couldn't help myself.  I snooped.  YES, I said it..I snooped.  Not normally my sort of thing, but you know, Nana's have all sorts of really neat things that are usually hidden away where no one can see them. I'm not sorry I did.  I found photo's of her that I've never seen before, and HOLY MOLY!  She was a knock out! Now keep in mind one thing, these pictures were taken of pictures via my cellphone so the quality is a bit lacking.
This is my mom as a child and my Nana. 
I'm not sure how old my mother was here in this picture, but I'd say its safe to guestimate that she is between the ages of 5-7.

Nana's Passport picture from the early 1950's.
There were many more pictures I would love to get my hands on, however I was limited for time. She was going to be back from the salon any minute, and I didn't want to get caught being a Snoop!  

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