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Friday, 20 January 2012

My Wee Friend!

This is my little friend, Caleb.  I call him "Weeman!"  This little dude is so full of expression, like in this picture above.  He looks like he has some big story to tell.  He is also, hands down, one of the easiest babies on this planet to look after.  His sister Josie (3 years) was the same way as a baby.  I didn't know his other 2 sisters Emma-Leigh (7 years) and Hope (5 years) when they were babies, but I'm willing to bet they were pretty much the same.  He is just a happy little guy.  Content.  Laughs alot.  All you have to do is wiggle your fingers near him and he breaks into a giggly fit of laughter.  He has just learned recently to blow kisses which is adorable from a face like that!  Can you picture it?  He even goes to sleep at night with ease.  Just give him some warm milk and a little snuggle and he is out for the count!

The only thing with Weeman that is hard to do, is change his diaper and get him dressed!  It took his big sister Emma and I, twenty minutes at least to get him changed and dressed!!

While Emma helped, I quickly grabbed my cell phone to take some pictures of the process.

You can tell just how fast he is rolling from the blur of the photos!

We had to pin him down to zip up the zipper for the final stage!!

It took us along time, 20 minutes, like I said above, but, we did it!!  With much laughter involved, Weeman was changed and dressed and Emma and I were exhausted!  It was like exercising to an entire 20 minute workout episode.  Here is a picture of the final product!  His cute little expression. He looks like he is saying, "What? What did I do?"

Time spent changing Weeman=20 minutes, 
Calories lost Changing Weeman=about a million
Expression on Weeman's Face= Priceless!

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