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Thursday, 5 January 2012

2 Thumbs Up!

I went to see Mission Impossible 4 today with my dad.  My dad had to run into the bank before the movie started so I went ahead of him to go get our tickets.  It was during the Matinee time.  The movie was great!  I really enjoyed it, but that is not my reason for writing about it today.

When I looked up the movie times for the Empire Theatre in New Liskeard, Ontario,  I misunderstood the viewing times and thought that there was a 2:00 pm show.  When I got there I discovered that it wasn't the case. The time for MI4 was at 7:30 pm. I expressed my distress to the guy at the ticket window in maybe not such a nice manner.  I told him that the Website was misleading and it looks like MI4 was playing at the Matinee time.  I whined a little about how we drove all the way down just to see the movie.  "Blah, blah, blah!"

You know what the man behind the ticket window said after he let me have my say?

He said,  "Well now, we cant have you going away from here all disappointed.  I'm going to show the movie in Cinema 2 for the matinee."

I was utterly shocked!  In all fairness, the way I acted and whined, I'm surprised he didn't wait for me to walk away and secretly flip me the bird.  That was an extremely nice thing for him to do, especially when I didn't really deserve it!

So, my very enthusiastic "2 Thumbs Up!" goes to the really nice man (he may be the owner?) who was behind the ticket booth!!   And if you happen to be going through the New Liskeard area and are looking for something to do, I highly recommend checking out the best small town theatre out there!  The Emipire Theatre.


  1. Glad you had a good time with my husband!

  2. Tha was really nice of that patron of the theater to make MI4 part of the matinee


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