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Monday, 28 November 2011

Tales from the Beyond...A Cute funny haha.

So, last night I'm sitting there watching a movie with my dad and my mom comes running down the stairs in a panic.
"My computer screen just went all black!  I cant get it to turn on or do anything..Dad's is yours working? I wasn't doing anything other than taking my turns on Words with Friends...and the screen went all black."
"Hold on," I said, "let me try mine."  I jiggled my mouse and turned on my screen, clicked on my internet and let it load.  Yep, mine was working just fine.
"Well yours is working fine." She says.
So I walk upstairs and go into her computer room.  I take one look at the power cord.  Its not plugged in and at this point, it hits me what has happened, so I start to laugh.
My poor mother, all panicked and worried that her laptop is broken just stands there with this bewildered look on her face.
I plug the laptop back in and turn it on.  At this point she is still a bit confused which is making me laugh a bit harder so I explain.
"Your power cord was unplugged."  I said.
She still seemed a bit confused.
"You battery drained and your laptop shut off.  The screen is black because it is off. It wont turn on for you because it is unplugged and the battery is drained."  I added.
Her reply to that was almost hysterical.  She said, "Well it kept telling me that my battery was draining, but I couldn't understand how it could be draining so fast when I was plugged in so I just ignored it."
To which I responded with more laughter and a lesson.
"If your computer is telling you something is happening that doesn't normally happen under normal circumstances, then you should at least investigate the cause."
Of course, that came with further fits of laughter.

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  1. oh well it goes to show you that even computers can't tell me what to do lol


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