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Monday, 10 October 2011

Tales from the Beyond...

So, I live in this wee little town which happens to have a neat little bit of history to it.  One day I will share it with you.  For now, I will just tell you this little story.

In the winter, someone plays music after the stores are all closed for the day out on the street for everyone to hear. Its kind of nice because its usually Christmas music playing.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it may actually be the local radio station that is playing it, but I've never bothered to ask anyone.  I needed to go to the bank for some cash, so I had to walk through the town and I could hear this music playing. I didn't know at the time that someone played music out loud like that.  There was no one in sight, and I just started to laugh because it reminded me of something that might have been happening in an scene from the Andy Griffiths show.  I felt like I was in Mayberry.  I found a picture that is about a close as possible as to how the town looked on that day.

There was even less cars on the road that day, and a bit more snow, but you get the general idea.  But as you can see from the picture, it could be a more slightly modern version of Mayberry!

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