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Monday, 26 September 2011

Tales from the Beyond...

I think this is going to be the title of my new Monday Feature...
I seriously dislike living where I do..
I call it "The Beyond" because I am north of North Bay.  Hi-way 11's extension that goes way up the big hill above North Bay.  You travel 2  hours past there..into the beyond...and you get my house, until I relocate that is!

So, the local Grocery King in Earlton had Lean Ground Beef for 1.99 a pound if you buy the value pack.  It comes in a clear plastic tube...muchly resembling an elephant's penis.  Yep I said elephant's penis.  Come now... don't judge me....If you've ever been to African Lion Safari or the'd agree.

My job this morning was to separate the 2, 10 lb tubs of ground beef into 1 and 2 lb portions and put it in freezer bags.  I totally hate handling raw meat so I thought to make the experience a wee bit more enjoyable, I'd switch on the radio.

Yep...the only radio station I could get in clear all country music...OH JOY...if you know me at know that I DO NOT like country music...

So...even though my morning was filled with a bunch of dislikes...Living in the Beyond....handling raw meat...listening to country music....I still had to laugh...and laugh I did...OUT LOUD..all by myself.

Even I could see the irony of my morning.

On that note, I seriously need to get to a city ASAP!

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